Liquid nightmare

Pools of brown and an atmosphere redolent of a sewer treatment works greeted me this morning when I opened the laundry door. The girls burst out, as usual, and jumped and yapped. I let them out and watched as they greeted the garden with their usual evacuations. Emma, however, was far from usual.

Instead of the usual little sausages of poo, a big stream of caramel coloured liquid shot out of her bottom. And that set the tone for the rest of the day, punctuated with bouts of weird looking vomit.

Other than the obvious symptoms, Emma didn’t seem at all ill. Clearly she’d eaten something that disagreed with her. I’m not surprised. I’ve caught her eating dirt so anything else would be easily ingested.

Eventually, she emptied herself – we didn’t give her anything else to eat until dinner, and then only half her usual. We also made sure she drank lots of water. She continued to act normal in herself, the only inconvenience being ours. Day-z, of course, didn’t care.

I’m leaving for Ecuador

It’s bad enough when your new puppy decides to decorate your house with poo and vomit but her timing could have been a bit better. Today Sophie and Tom came over for lunch and to see the house. And to meet Emma. Sophie has been quite keen on getting a dog and I think Emma managed to put her off.

I think it’s safe to say that, while Emma’s antics reminded her of Tom’s early days in nappies, she couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted at the house. Okay, she thought there should be more gold fixtures and fittings but, other than that, she enthused with genuine pleasure.

Their visit also marked my first meal cooked for other people in my new kitchen. What a joy! For the first time in many years, I was able to prepare the main meal and dessert at the same time. In the previous kitchen (for want of a better word) I always had to make dessert the day before because of lack of space. But not today. Bliss.

And cleaning up when you have a dishwasher is just brilliant. Normally I’m slaving away in the kitchen for a few hours afterwards. Not any more. Load the dishwasher, wash up the few remaining things, wipe down and it’s done.

The one blot on an otherwise bright landscape (apart from the mutliple blots emerging from either end of Emma) was the sample glass splash back tile I’d picked up from the tile shop earlier. It looked fantastic, sitting on the upstand, adding a bit of warm colour to the white and green kitchen. For safety, I took it off the upstand and sat it behind the hob. Unfortunately, when I started browning the chicken in the big saucepan, the tile cracked completely – it made a horrendous noise. I realised the saucepan had been touching it. Stupid Gaz!

Anyway, tile and Emma aside, the meal was great, the company excellent and the afternoon a delight. I’m ignoring Sophie’s determination at introducing Mirinda to the Mac Airbook at the dining table.

(I have to take my hat off to the brilliance of the Apple Corporation. It wasn’t enough that when they brought out a new product, the charger for the previous model didn’t work very well, meaning the customer had to have a new one each time. With the new iPad, they’ve even changed the inlet connection meaning the new charger is completely non-compatible with anything before it. This doesn’t just mean having a new charger, it means the customer has the inconvenience of carrying two leads around all the time…or buy all new technology. Still, people keep buying them and Apple keeps inconveniencing them without any backlash. Mind you, Sophie had a good moan about it. A bit pointless when you’re going to buy it anyway, a fact that Apple rubs it’s hands together about as it deposits some more money in the bank.)

Lunch finished (chicken with honey and almond followed by lovely saffron rice) Mirinda and Sophie walked into Farnham while Tom and I watched the highly entertaining Lego Movie.

Aw, muuuuuum!

All round it was a lovely day…though possibly not for Emma.

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3 Responses to Liquid nightmare

  1. Dawn says:

    Poor little Emma (and you). Hope she’s better today 🙂

  2. Mirinda says:

    I think it put Tom and Sophie off a dog – they are going to get a guinea pig instead which they believe they can train…

  3. hat says:

    Poor baby hope she is feeling better today, don’t blame them changing there mind been there done that,you remember all Tracey’s strays yug!! to old now.
    Must have been lovely cooking dinner in your new kitchen when you have people over.
    love mum and dad xx

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