It was all about the doors today as Mark the Carpenter finished the skirting boards upstairs and moved into the extension.

We had a flying visit from Dave the Builder who reported that his daughter was well but miserable – as you’d expect. Apparently having a cast on one arm is great for about ten minutes then you realise that you can’t go swimming for the rest of the summer.

While Mark the Carpenter slaved away downstairs, I made a start on cleaning the furniture upstairs, with an end result of being able to access the two chests of drawers. It was a pain but it had to be done. The rooms still look a bit full of junk but at least a few bits of furniture are clean and usable.

I couldn’t go too far with moving stuff because the decorators will be returning on Monday and will need to be able to get to the skirting boards in order to paint them.

And that was about it for today. At the finish, Mark had hung our new Mexican oak door on the laundry – there’s no bolt or handle yet as Dave has to buy one.

Laundry door

He’d also fixed the trim around, what used to be the dining room doorway and rehung the door. This is now, apparently, a coat cupboard, though I reckon it might work well for cleaning stuff and shoes as well.

Coat cupboard

Having access to the stuff upstairs also meant I could fish out the TV, which is now sitting at the end of the dining table. I’ve hooked up Mirinda’s laptop to it so we can at least watch Netflix on it. It’s a lot better than the highly reflective screen on my tablet.

Better viewing option

As Mark was leaving, he said he’d not be in tomorrow as he’s off to a Lotus festival at Brands Hatch. When Mirinda queried this I had to assure her he was a racing car enthusiast rather than a bit mad for horticulture. I know this because when he told me what he was doing I said “I assume you mean cars and not the flowers…” He assured me he did.

On a slightly sad note…I finished Season 4 of Game of Thrones tonight. They haven’t started making Season 5 yet. At least I’ve caught up but now I’ll have to wait a year like everyone else. Sad, sad day.

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  1. hat says:

    The door looks good, Tracey tried to get into Filker today but no luck she doesn’t sign in just goes on and bobs your uncle. will keep on trying.
    love mum and dad xx

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