Back to the proverbial

I waved Mirinda off to work this morning then had a day of running around. I had to go over to Fleet about the flat (we exchanged last week and should complete on Friday), which took most of the day.

Back home, after lunch, I took the poodles up to the park where we met a little chocolate cross between a cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle (‘cockerpoodle’ I assume). I spoke to the owners for a bit as they wanted to know about our poodles. The puppy was called Polly and Carmen was a tad wary of her. Day-z just wanted me to pick her up as she’s nervous around anything she doesn’t understand…which is just about everything.

I mowed the lawn and managed some study. And that was my day.

Nicktor is coming over tomorrow night (first time in ages because of his Grand Tour) and has an enlarged hand because of an insect bite. I am calling it the ‘freak monster hand’.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Back to the same old same old never as exciting. Thank you
    Claire yes Fred is much better today he finds a day in bed best for him. I love hearing about other peoples relation’s as well as my own,hope you two are good. love Josie

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