Here we go again

The World Cup started in Brazil today. Actually the first game started at 9pm, our time. England play their first game on Saturday. As kick off isn’t until 11pm, I’m figuring I might get to see it!

But, back to tonight. It was Brazil v Croatia and was very nearly an upset. Valiant little Croatia went ahead following an awful own goal by the Brazilian defender, Marcelo. Apparently the world was so upset at his accidental ankle tap into his own goal that they started sending abusive tweets to someone else called Marcello who had no idea what was going on.

The poor guy copped a torrent of abuse. Even after he tweeted the actual player’s twitter id. One of the abuse tweets said something like “No wonder you’re playing bad. Stop tweeting during the game!” I mean, seriously? How is that even possible? Some people really need to get a grip.

Anyway, at the actual stadium rather than the Twittersphere, the crowd was silenced by this extremely unexpected turn of events. Then things returned to normal as Brazil effortlessly scored two goals either side of half time to win easily. Just a pity I couldn’t watch it.

My day was made all the better with the surprise announcement that Mirinda would be home for lunch. She’d still be working but she’d be at the cottage rather than the flat (or the office). So we spent the afternoon and night together, which is always lovely and I planned to go in to work tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Mirinda says:

    Is it always lovely?

  2. hat says:

    To M of course that’s what being married means . A shame dad is in hospital this week as the T V there only has normal channels and over here it is on SBS 3 if here was home he could have it on all day, lets hope he gets home before Australia play’s.
    Love mum and dad xx


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