Pi and chips

Today was National Pi Day in the US. I think the people who organise Pi events would like it to be worldwide. If so, they should stop saying it’s because March 14, in American is numerically 3.14…which is the beginning of Pi. In the UK, however, today was 14.3, which has nothing to do with Pi. It is, however, when measured in trillions of dollars, the size of the American debt. Coincidence?

Today was also National Potato Chip Day. I haven’t been able to discover why they’re called chips in the US and crisps in the UK but I have discovered that they were probably invented in America by a chef who was trying to please a difficult diner by cutting potato slices ever thinner and frying them.

Why National Potato Chip Day is celebrated on March 14 is unclear. Also unclear is how the day is celebrated. It’s easy with Pi Day, because everyone just has fun with working out a few new decimals. Maybe they just eat chips for every meal.

Mirinda reckons National Pie Day sounds much better but, of course, we all know that’s on January 23.

Unlikely as it may seem, it was also Learn About Butterflies Day, which is just surreal. Does that really need a day?

No national day here though. I spent the day at home, packing things, keeping Day-z company, washing, yadda, yadda, yadda. It was rumoured that the builder was popping over today to measure up for the steel beam. Oddly enough, Dave didn’t turn up but a bloody great beam did. It’s presently sitting in the driveway.

I guess the main thing I did today was to bring Carmen home. The receptionist in the vet (our normal vet, not the emergency one) was very kind and a bit upset. She remembered me and, of course, Carmen. I thought that was very sweet.

Meanwhile, the park is starting to recover from the horrendous weather.


And there are little hints that spring is rapidly approaching.


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  1. flip100 says:

    Have no idea what all those days are about, never heard of them either in the States or in the UK
    love mum & dad xx

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