Bikes and horses

What a glorious day. No hint of rain, frost everywhere and a delicious drop in temperature. Bliss.

Mirinda had guitar this morning but, as soon as she’d returned, we packed the poodles into Sidney and took off for Hankley while the weather allowed.

Normally, Hankley is a haven from the crowds. We’re normally lucky to see a couple of dog walkers. This all changed today. I’m not sure why.

Maybe it as because Frensham is still inaccessible or maybe it was because Hankley was playing host to a large group of mountain bikes. Whatever the reason, Hankley was crowded. Even so, it was still beautiful.

Then there were the horses. Generally we’ll see one or two (very often, none), but today we saw five!

Horses on the ridge

Horses on the ridge

We don’t mind the horses or the occasional dog walkers but having to dodge bike riders with two stupid poodles who just stand in the middle of the path, drawing inherent tyres like a magnet approaching iron filings, is a bit annoying.

Peak hour on the ridge

Peak hour on the ridge

Still, the bike route was only across the ridge and it didn’t take long before we’d left them well behind.

Back at home, we had lunch, while watching the final series of the brilliant Breaking Bad.

We then headed off to meet with Optibob to discuss the next stage of the kitchen planning. Optibob has terrible OCD. He seems to be a bit worse than Nicktor. He has a thing for symmetry that seems to rival my distaste for it. Fortunately, the kitchen is in such a place that any symmetry will, mostly, be hidden. I can live with that.

We spent a very productive hour, discussing sinks, taps, cookers and so forth then made plans for him to come out of the house next Thursday then for us all to meet up again next Saturday.

All in all, a lovely day, completed with the latest Midsummer Murders…which always guarantees a laugh.

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  1. The walk sounds great except for the bikes. My knees are getting so good I reckon I could do it too. love mum x

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