Beyond teasing

I woke up this morning to hear that Australia had bowled out the English cricket team at the SCG to win the Ashes series 5-0. It sounds like it was a complete capitulation.

For the other matches, we have been teasing the English cricket fans we know but this whitewash and destruction has stepped over the teasing line and entered the territory of pity.

I could talk about the loss of four wickets in 11 balls, the fact that it took only three of the five days for us to win or, even, that Australia scored 10 centuries to England’s one throughout the series…but I just can’t. It feels like kicking a dead goose.

So, no more cricket…well, until next time.

More exciting by a long way is the impending trip to Marrakesh. I bought the Rough Guide this morning and have been drooling ever since. Our hotel is just across the road from the main square of Jemaa el Fna, where everything happens. Oh, it’s going to be so exciting! As Nicktor said in a text to me this morning: “Bring it on!

Hopefully the weather in Marrakech will be a bit better than here. It was another day of drizzly rain, though Mirinda managed a walk at Thursley first thing. The vast majority of the day, however, was spent inside.

Given the weather and the abysmal Chinese last night, I cooked a roast tonight. The house quickly filled up with the delicious smell of lamb. It was very nice…if I do say so myself.

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One Response to Beyond teasing

  1. Well the English should go home and work harder at the game instead of putting on the airs and graces.
    love mum x

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