Collisions in Switzerland

I had a great day at work yesterday. Most of it was spent researching the Thames Ironworks, which is where the information came from for yesterday’s post about Chuck Mare.

Thames Ironworks is a bit of a problem because it went through a few name changes. Each name represents a separate record because each name is a separate company. This means I need dates and information for each one. I rather enjoy this because it means I get to concentrate on the one thing rather than lots of little things.

I started my research in the London Gazette. This is a great resource because it has court reports, liquidation petitions to the Crown and general information. It’s a bit of a trawl but can mean a lot of salient information.

I stopped my research for lunch and popped down to visit the Collider exhibition in the museum. This opened a few weeks ago with great fanfare and media coverage. It explains the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and, according to some of the scientists who work in the real thing, is just like going to work.

They’ve used some very high resolution photographs on the walls and, I have to say, it looks real. It all has a sort of three dimensional feel. I found myself reaching out to touch things which ended up being flat. This was particularly true of a door and a series of coloured, electric cables.

There are also a lot of white boards with scribbled notations on them, explaining how the physics work. It’s a lot better than having labels beneath everything.

There’s also an amazing animation of how the particles travel around the Collider and, eventually collide. There’s a very spectacular explosion, with lots of colour and streaks of light…I think that’s a bit poetic rather than what it actually looks like.

All in all, I’d say it’s one of the best museum exhibits I’ve ever seen. Great plaudits to the designers.

After lunch, I went up to the Science Museum library to carry on my research. In fact, I spent a delightful two hours in the library, managing to find lots of information. It wasn’t nearly long enough, so I’m returning on Monday (ahead of the Volunteer Awards Night) to finish up.

But that was all yesterday…today we had a very leisurely day with a walk around the park after lunch.

During dinner, we watched the extraordinary Rapture-Palooza. What an insane and hilarious movie.

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  1. I love all the stuff you do at work also when you go to the museum so very interesting and to go back on Monday must be great to come and go as you like.
    love mum x

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