World Cup

I love football but today I watched a game that makes me realise what it must be like to have to watch something you don’t like. The Slovenia v Algeria game. Talk about dire. In fact, when the fourth official held up the board, indicating the injury time to be played, as half time approached, the commentator said “Thank God, there’s only a minute of added time.

One thing I really hate about the game is the way players are hero worshipped when they do something great and vilified when they make a mistake. This morning, for instance, our keeper, Robert Green has been plastered over just about every Sunday paper for his miss in the game yesterday. OK, it was a mistake but the way the papers have painted it, you’d think he’d cost them the final! And whatever happened to supporting your team? Bloody media.

Anyway, today we had a lovely short trip to Crondall to see the open gardens. It’s nothing to do with the NGS but it’s basically the same idea except a whole village opens lots of different gardens (some big some small, some schools) and raise money for a specific charity.

Crondall isn’t far from us. Actually we went and saw a house there when we were buying…once.

The gardens were lovely (as you’d expect). One is four acres and well maintained horticulture. As we were walking in the last bit, a chap was sitting on a sleeper, mug of tea in hand, and Mirinda asked if he was the owner. No, he replied, chuckling, I’m the gardener. They actually have a full time gardener!

I’ll try and get some photos up tomorrow but in the meanwhilst, here’s one to keep you going.

The pub in Crondall

The pub in Crondall

I see that Australia had a less than successful first game tonight…

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3 Responses to World Cup

  1. Mum Cook says:

    I think Australia has a long way to go yet to beat Germany. I didn’t watch but a bit of a fizzer I believe.
    Need more than just one or two good players.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    What a pretty village, trust you to take the pub.
    love mum

  3. Claire says:

    The Australians played their best and did a good job. The German team are more experienced and will take a lot of catching up.


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