Swans for breakfast

You know how it is. You’re parked up at a services on the way home and you suddenly realise you can’t remember if you packed your wife’s incredibly expensive, designer, sunglasses. The car is parked next to a motorcyclist who you just know is going to have a few mates with very loud engines who will be joining him shortly. You also know, if you did pack the sunglasses, they would be in the most inaccessible spot possible in the car.

As it was, the services was horrid. We normally hate stopping at them but today one of our party was a bit desperate for the loo and insisted on us stopping at the first one we found. And it was packed. As I said, it was horrid.

Which was a shame because the morning had been quite pleasant, especially having breakfast and a final cuppa by the edge of Mylor Creek. We even had some charming company for breakfast.


Most of the trip home was okay. There were times when the traffic was bad but it never really lasted very long. Rather than stopping off at a small village with a church, we pulled into a picnic spot off the A303 only to find about 508 people doing exactly the same thing.

The crowds didn’t bother us though and we had a very fresh sandwich and hot drink under the shade of a small copse of trees, surrounded by very big rocks.

While it was quite crowded, it was nowhere near as bad as the services earlier on the journey, where we decided against having a tea and coffee and, instead, went back to the car in order for me to unload everything out of the boot and into the carpark. The last thing out was the silver suitcase. The sunglasses were packed in the silver suitcase.

And so, the journey home was a happy one.

I really need to add a big thank you to Dawn. About two hours from home, she texted me that Bradley Wiggens was set to cycle through Farnham as part of the Tour of Britain road cycle race and roads would be cut off.

It took me forever (almost) to download a map of the closed roads but eventually I realised that we would have to go home via a different route to the one we would normally choose.

Dawn’s warning probably saved us a lot of time and angry recriminations…not to mention injured cyclists. So, a big thank you, Dawn.

And so, another holiday ended happily, just as all good holidays should, and we settled back to a life with Internet access and regular phone signals, at last.

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