Second coating the raspberry

Today was mostly spent painting the chest of drawers…quite a few times.

The raspberry coat from last night made it a bit easier because I could just concentrate on the white first thing. Then, after a few hours, I second coated the raspberry.

A few hours more and I added a second coat of the white then, a few hours before bed, one more raspberry. This meant I was putting the drawers back and clearing away the decorating tools quite late. Still, I was very happy with the result and hope that Mirinda likes it.

This is what the chest of drawers, finally, looks like.


Of course, it was late by the time I was able to put the drawers back so the colour isn’t very true. I’ll have to take another photo in the daytime.

Did I mention that Nicktor didn’t like the curtains? A bit too girly, he reckons.

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  1. I think it looks great but as you say you will have to take a picture in day light to get the true colour. Tell Nicktor he will have his eyes closed so wont see the curtains.
    love mum x


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