Drawers, dinner and rain

I woke this morning to rain. I walked into Farnham in gradually heavier rain. I arrived home and the rain had stopped. The sun struggled to peek out from the clouds. I debated what to do.

I’d stored the drawers and drop cloth in the office for just such an eventuality. Now I was unsure whether to paint outside or in the dining room. The weather was not looking particularly settled so I covered the dining table with the drop cloth ready for the wet drawers and painted just outside the back door.

One after another, the drawers were top coated as I tried to listen to the cricket. The problem was that it was raining at Vauxhall. The commentators were talking about all sorts of cricket related waffle as the rain came down.

I should explain that Vauxhall is about 20 miles away. As the sun and blue sky made rain impossible at home, the Oval was bathed in covers and drizzling weather.

While I was waiting for the drawers to dry, I hung the new curtain pole and curtains in the Old Rose Room.


Finally the drawers were finished and dry enough to put the handles on and slot them back into the chest. Here’s what they finally looked like.

Every handle different

Every handle different

Next week I will sand and paint the actual chest.

The cricket, meanwhile, eventually started at 2:30. The Australians finally declared on 492-9 following a wonderful maiden test century by Steven Smith. The English started batting defensively, slowing the pace of the game to a dull amble.

Australia needed a wicket (or two) before stumps. It didn’t happen.

I didn’t hear any of the English batting as I was going into town for a Thursday date night.

The idea was to meet Mirinda for a drink then continue up to Covent Garden for a meal with Bob, Sue and Graeme at a French restaurant that Mirinda was quite keen on trying.

Dinner was lovely, as was the company, and we even managed some cricket talk before Mirinda and Sue stopped us by talking about London for a bit.

The Kightleys

The Kightleys

The meal was lovely but I just have to describe my entree, especially for my father. It was a fresh, green pea creme brulee. This looked exactly like a dessert creme brulee except that the custard bit was lurid green and made of peas. The top was still crusted sugar. My only complaint is that they served it with a knife and fork when a spoon would have been ideal.

Unusual and tasty, was my verdict though the others were a bit amazed that I ate it. As I explained to Sue, Mirinda often accuses me of not trying new things so I try and choose things accordingly rather than go for the safe options. As much as I enjoyed the brulee, I watched enviously as they all tucked into scallops.

Stockwell siblings


I left them following coffee as I made my way back to Waterloo. I was home very late to a couple of hysterical poodles. I let them sleep with me since I’d only be in bed for about four hours.

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3 Responses to Drawers, dinner and rain

  1. Love the handles and the curtains cant wait to see it all finished.
    Your evening sounded lovely.
    love mum x

  2. Mirinda says:

    And the coffee led us a right merry dance ….

  3. Mirinda says:

    The drawers look totally eccentric


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