Being neighbourly

Well, I have to say, I was not particularly surprised today. I was taking the rubbish out, having scooped up all the dog poo from the garden before mowing, when my phone told me I had an email. It was from our architect, Kate.

Our application for the extension has been before the council for a few weeks now and, up to today, there’d been nothing to report from anyone. That ended today. Kate was letting us know there’s been a comment from one of our neighbours. Of course, it was the Crazies.

Mirinda reckons it all goes back to the two inches of land we stole from them by removing that stupid little fence. She may be right. She also thinks they’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to poke their metaphorical tongues out at us in some sort of strange revenge.

Anyway, it’s nothing to worry about. They’ve sent the council a letter (clearly couldn’t manage to do it online), stating that they think our extension is too long and that the window that will be in the kitchen (the special bee rescue window) will invade their privacy.

Taking these one at a time.

Too long
They claim that our extension will be too long and, therefore, out of alignment with the rest of the street. My first reaction to this was to wonder who is going to see the alignment of the houses in our street unless they’re in a balloon but then, after a bit of reflection, I figure it’s because of the birds.

We have a lot of wood pigeons in the street. They fly in and barge their way around the seed, lumbering into the way of the smaller birds. And I think the Crazies are concerned that, with a longer extension on our house, the dumb wood pigeons will not be able to navigate properly.

We also have a lot of Chinooks fly over our house on their way to the RAF base at the top of the hill. Maybe the Crazies are concerned that the pilots will be confused by our house suddenly jutting out a bit more than our neighbours either side.

Actually, if you look on Google Maps, satellite, it’s obvious there is no constant alignment with the back of the houses in our street. It’s a stupid concern.

Kitchen window
The window is on the side that faces their house. Between the window and their house is a fence. Because of these two reasons, the window is to be opaque.

This is included in the submitted plans but the Crazies are concerned that someone, somewhere in the future, will replace the opaque with clear glass. To safeguard their privacy they want it written somewhere (they don’t include where this should be…perhaps we should have a big sign made and put it outside the house) that the glass will ALWAYS be opaque.

I may be maligning them here. The other side of the fence, which isn’t see through, is their side passage, which they use all the time (apparently). There are also a couple of opaque windows on that side of their house.

(Of course, as soon as our extension is finished, I’m going to be asking that it’s written somewhere that they NEVER change THEIR opaque glass to clear glass.)

They finish their response by insisting that they are not objecting (‘as such’) but are merely expressing a few concerns. I really wish I could give a few of my ‘concerns’ about them.

All of this should be no problem at all but it does indicate why we think they are such awful people. Still, as I said to Mirinda, they always manage to give me something to blog about.

In other important news today, I mowed the garden before it rained. Things don’t always work out so well. And the new bed I prepared yesterday has met with Carmen’s approval, shown by a very unpleasant deposit left on the top of the top soil this morning.

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2 Responses to Being neighbourly

  1. They just have to have something to moan about by the way The name The Crazies suits them!!!
    love mum x

  2. Mirinda says:

    Go Carmen!! Remember there’s a reason why we call them the crazies….

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