Too darn hot

Well, Nicktor emerged perfectly fine this morning. The swelling of his foot had diminished and he looked like his old self. I think it probably helped not drinking anything but water last night. Even so, I told him he should go to the doctor about his weird episode. He agreed and I heard later in the day that he’d made an appointment for Thursday.

I heard this morning that we are in the midst of a Stage 3 heatwave. Apparently, the stages are determined on how many days go by with the temperatures above what we are used to. Some government department must then put out warnings about what people should do to protect themselves from the vicious onslaught of high temperatures.

And yet, I see few people wearing hats and many lying prostrate on the grass of the park, in the full sun, soaking up some harmful UV. I think there’s a lot of people who believe they can store up the heat for the colder months by absorbing it into their bodies. The human body doesn’t do storage like that, I’m afraid.

I heard about a care home on the Today programme where they try and keep the residents cool during the hotter days and nights but the residents are so afraid of a draught that the windows and doors have to be kept shut. So they suffer with the heat. Even dressing is a problem because they insist on putting on all their layers because that’s what they’ve always done.

Nurse: Let’s get your shirt on, Mr Smith. You won’t be needing a vest today. It’s going to be 32 degrees!
Mr Smith: Hang on there, Nursie! I’ll have you know I’ve never gone without a vest. Give it here.
Nurse: But Mr Smith, you’ll be too hot.
Mr Smith: Rubbish! Now where’s my cardi and woollen trousers?

To be fair to Mr Smith, his vest could be quite handy in soaking up the sweat but, even so…

I started pottering about in the garden (destroying weeds with the same resilience they show in growing) but it was way too hot and close. I therefore spent most of the day working on our accounts (getting our tax figures ready mostly) in the relative comfort of the office. While it’s a bit warm, at least the windows capture most errant breezes when and if they appear.

Speaking of my office…it’s rather funny when the magpies land on the roof and go for a trot across the cedar tiles. It sends the poodles into a frenzy of barking and manic rushing about. I’m sure the birds simply stand on the roof and laugh at them.

While watering early in the evening, I noticed our little fuchsia bushes almost covered in flowers. Here’s one.

Shame that's not rain

Shame that’s not rain

There was no date night this week as Mirinda had to attend a Labour Party ‘do’.

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  1. flip 100 says:

    Wow she is mixing with the big boy’s. Well our night turned out ok they loved the surprise of talking to you.
    love mum x

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