The hedge bed – year 2

Mirinda had Book Group today so she spent the morning working on her doctorate while I attacked the hedge bed weeds.

During our Oz trip, the bind weed was very busy, entangling the clematis and euphorbia and generally creating a bed of scary proportions. It’s a delicate job, unthreading the twisty turns of creepers but I managed to get them isolated.

Then, applying Mirinda’s brilliant idea, I took the bottoms off some old plastic pots, threaded the bind weed through and sprayed them while preserving the plants we want. It looks quite weird but should be very effective.

Potted up bind weed

Potted up bind weed

By the time Miirinda returned from Chawton, having discussed Pride and Prejudice for a few hours, the bed looked almost back to normal…if you ignore the plastic pots, that is.

She asked how my muscles will be tomorrow but it wasn’t nearly as intense as the hot border last week so I’m thinking I won’t ache at all. Well, fingers crossed, anyway.

We were a bit concerned that the book group would stop because the librarian, who organises it, is leaving for a job in Sydney. However, one of her final jobs was to prepare a book list for the rest of this year and the beginning of next year. The group will now meet and discuss texts without the benefit of an adjudicator…though, to be honest, and from all reports, she wasn’t very good at it so she may not be missed at all.

Having completed the hedge bed, I managed to complete some administrative tasks in the office before we finished the day watching The Mentalist and having stir fry for dinner.

And it didn’t rain at all.

Weedless hedge bed

Weedless hedge bed

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  1. flip 100 says:

    Must admit looks good now.
    love mum x

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