Schumanian Surveyor

Today the surveyor turned up to accurately measure the house, inside and out. This is the second step in the extension process and preliminary to the proper drawings being completed by the architect. And he was right, it took five hours.

He turned up at 9am, was a bit reticent about the dogs (clearly not a dog person and nothing like Dennis the floor guy) but he was fine after I assured him they would stay with me. He set to work as I retreated into the office for a bit of scanning.

The weather was pretty horrid all day so the garden was out of bounds, though I did manage a small bit of repair work in the top soil where a cat, hedgehog, fox or bear had been scratching away.

I’d managed to sneak away from Dural with the photo album that contained Bob’s sporting photos of 1954. There’s some great box brownie shots of football, athletics and tennis. I also found, at the back of the album, some lovely shots of Claire, at least two taken by Ray Brookes. The album kept me busy while the surveyor did his thing.

Leichhardt-Annandale (lighter shirts) v Cessnock 12/9/54

Leichhardt-Annandale (lighter shirts) v Cessnock 12/9/54

Near the end of his time with us, the Schumanian surveyor set up his total station and staff in the garden and started plotting the building in space (I know Mirinda will frown at my use of the word ‘space’ but I really have no idea what else to call it) as well as measuring it vertically without the use of a ladder. It was then a few photographs and he was finished.

It was after 2pm when I bid him farewell and finally had some lunch. It was then off to town for Date Night.

On Sunday night, after the Globe and sometime in the dark reaches of the early morning, I slipped in the bathroom and collided with the edge of the bathroom sink. Fortunately the edges of the sink are rounded and quick big. I vaguely remember it happening but the pain wasn’t that great. However, this afternoon, three days later, I suddenly had a black eye.

I was conscious of people looking at me a bit strangely so, when I arrived at the flat, I looked in the mirror to find out what about my visage was perplexing people. And there it was. Not huge, rather it appeared that I had applied eye shadow to one eye. It didn’t hurt.

I didn’t realise black eyes took three days to appear (maybe it’s just me) but I do think there should be some sort of warning.

What I had expected was a mass of aches and pains from the gardening effort yesterday. In this, I was not disappointed. Anything that required the stretching of the backs of my legs caused great discomfort and pain. Even sitting down was difficult.

Neither of us felt like going out (the night was not pleasant and we’re both still a bit lagged) so we sat in the flat and watched Mirinda’s favourite show and chatted. An odd Date Night. Hopefully our biologicals will return to normality soon and things can get back to the way we prefer them.

And just to finish on an annoying note…I missed the 9:30pm train home by 30 seconds.

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2 Responses to Schumanian Surveyor

  1. Mirinda says:

    So not a great day…

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    That sounds like a terrible date night as well as day. what a shame about missing the train love mum x


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