Filling gaps with rubber

We haven’t had a Molly song for a while…so…here’s one from Les Miserables.

The floor in Mirinda’s study has, more or less, been replaced. Poor Dennis and Lloyd took one look at it and sighed. The dodgy builder strikes again! But not just him.

When the central heating was installed, a long board was replaced by one a smidge narrower and the gap had been filled with rubber. When the sander goes over the floor, the rubber is ripped up and shredded. Dennis declared it useless and in need of replacement by a proper width board.

That was just the beginning. The day was spent removing hundreds of screws, shifting boards around and replacing ones that weren’t up to the job. Because of this, the floor didn’t get sanded and stained today (that will now happen tomorrow).

While they were slaving away upstairs, I spent most of the day in the garden, taking advantage of the sun. I moved some more forget-me-nots into the hedge bed and planted up some fuchsias and euphorbias we bought yesterday. The euphorbias are particularly beautiful, with a two colour thing happening.

'Craigieburn' euphorbia

‘Craigieburn’ euphorbia

There’s little point in posting photos of the fuchsias, as they are nothing much more than seedlings but, rest assured, they will be posted the minute they do anything floral.

In the meantime, here’s another tulip.

Tulip opening up

Tulip opening up

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    That was lovely her voice always makes me cry we loved it and also watched all the others she is so talented. We think she is about 1i or 12 now. Thank you for the flowers really lovely.
    love mum xx

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